The Art of Floating
3 W/1 M
Marian lives in the sleepy town of Spring Hill, Florida where she spends her days hanging out at the senior citizen center and drinking wine with her best friend Fran. After her estranged granddaughter has a crisis of faith and moves in with her, marvelous things begin to happen. A play about death, faith, and learning to float through Jello.

Zombie Thoughts
written with Oliver G. Kokai-Means
3 M/F
Sam and Pig are avatars in the video game “Zombie Thoughts.” Sam’s character is intelligent, anxious, and armed with a book. Pig is goofy, distracted, and armed with a rubber chicken. Can Pig and the players in the audience help Sam overcome anxiety and defeat the monsters and trials the Machine throws in the way? A 45 minute video game inspired TYA play about childhood anxiety where the audience determines the outcome. Written for grades 3-6 with help from someone in grade 3.

Zombie Thoughts was written for Plan B Theatre in Salt Lake City and will tour to elementary schools in 2018.

Girl of Glass
2 M/1 W/ 1+ Flexible
Edgar delivers a package to the wrong address. The store he enters is a strange place filled with glowing glass jars and run by a magnetic woman Truly. Edgar visits her every week, falling more and more in love. But Truly is not who she seems to be, and what is in the jars?

Girl of Glass was selected out of 948 plays for inclusion in the Lark Play Development Center’s 2014 Playwright’s Week and was a 2015 Semi-Finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Playwright’s Conference.

Lost Land
4 W/1+ M/2+ Flexible
Lost Land is a tale of hope and dreams, of love discovered and ultimately lost. Spanning three centuries from the late 1950’s to the present to the year 2150, the play is set in an ill-conceived nautical theme park designed around Moby Dick, the all-seeing, all-enduring commentator who takes us on a journey from a world built to delight to a world filled with despair.

Lost Land was produced in the 2011 Frontera Festival in Austin, TX.

White Rabbit
4 W/2 M/1 Flexible
John is just trying to buy some Triscuits and go home when he meets Alice, not in Wonderland, but the supermarket. She insists that she is Alice and it is he who is lost and confused. This causes him to examine the essential truths of his life with help from a mysterious man in the park who promises him the meaning of life for two dollars, or a game of chess for one.

Rita on Wednesdays
2 W/2 M
On Wednesdays, Bethany likes to go to her favorite diner and meet her friend Rita, a large man in a tutu who carries a flaming baton who promises to teach her how to be happy. When a sadistic waitress begins working at the diner, a contest of wills erupts that involves cheese sticks, a hostage situation, a room full of Cabbage Patch Kids, and does not end well.

Meredith and the Indians
3 W/3 M
Meredith is just trying to finish a PhD in Philosophy when her family starts to fall apart. Her mother is depressed and her younger sister rebelling. On top of this, a logician seems to be stalking her, and the good assignments and fellowships all go to the Golden Boy of the department. With all of this, she’s running out of answers to the question of “What are you going to do with that degree?”

2 W/1 M
Gabrielle is a plumber. Adam writes romance novels under the non-de-plume Alexandra Poppy Montgomery. They meet because Adam’s sink is inexplicably clogged with industrial glue. They agree to go on one date, which rapidly spirals out of control when Adam’s Nana predicts Gabrielle’s impending doom.


1 M/ 1 W
Two five minute monologues based on verbatim interviews about identity, politics, and America in a post-election world. Written as part of Plan B’s (In)Divisible performed in June 2017.

Bird Brains
4 W
A singing hummingbird, snobby barn owls, a dysfunctional vulture couple, and ducks that want to be dinosaurs. It’s another day at the Aviary.
Commissioned by Plan B for the 2016 Rose Exposed: “Flight” benefiting Tracy Aviary.

A Long Way Down
2 M
Adam is a mountain climber who meets the devil at the summit.

Bob’s Beef Jerky
2 W/2 M
Giri has chained herself to a beef jerky machine to protest mistreatment of animals. The media, however, is interested in telling a different story.

Playing Castle
1 W/1 M
Kenneth and Cassie have imagined an ideal lives for themselves, but the reality of post college life is different than they thought.

An Idiotic Dorothy
2 W
Meghan is alone after a catastrophe. Until a strange woman shows up to help her face some tough decisions.

Lucy and the Statue
1 W/1 M
Lucy’s family is not fond of her boyfriend. Because he is a statue in a park.