Swim Pretty:  Aquatic Spectacles and the Performance of Race, Gender, and Nature is available from Southern Illinois University Press!

Exploring the impact of aquatic spectacles on our cultural perceptions of water

Drawing on cultural associations with bodies of water, the spectacle of pretty women, and the appeal of the concept of “family friendly” productions, performative aquatic spectacles portray water as an exotic fantasy environment exploitable for the purpose of entertainment. In Swim Pretty, Jennifer A. Kokai reveals the influential role of aquatic spectacles in shaping cultural perceptions of the aquatic ecosystems in the United States and links the uncritical love of aquatic spectacles to a disregard for the rights of marine animals and lack of concern for the marine environment.



In October of 2017, I was a Keynote Speaker at the Conference on Mermaids, Maritime Folklore, and Modernity in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I was interviewed by The Guardian about Weeki Wachee, Mermaids, and aquatic spectacles for a June 14, 2015 article.

I tweet frequently about water, climate change, sea animals, and mermaids @drjenniferkokai

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